INCLUDED SERVICES. In exchange for the monthly fee described below, Members shall receive the following services:

      • Annual Wellness visits (in addition to basic annual labwork)
      • Sports and camp physicals
      • Acute care (sick visits such as viral illness, strep throat, urinary infections, sprains, etc)
      • Chronic disease management and associated counseling/prescribing
      • In office screening (strep throat, flu, glucose, urine evaluation, pregnancy tests)
      • Minor laceration repair

NON-INCLUDED SERVICES. The following NON-EXHAUSTIVE list of services ARE NOT covered by the monthly fee, although Broadnax Primary Care members can often obtain them for a substantially reduced cost:

        • X-rays, CT scans, ultrasounds, and medical imaging
        • Outside office blood/ other tests beyond the basic annual physical labwork
        • Any surgery or procedure not performed in this office (e.g. in a hospital or other physician’s office)
        • The cost of immunization drugs
        • Obstetrical care and delivery
        • Durable medical equipment and supplies (e.g. crutches, wheelchairs, walking boots, etc)
        • Prescription medications
        • Injectable and oral medications in office

COST OUTSIDE OF THE SCOPE OF AGREEMENT. Member may be entitled to some of the above non-covered services at a reduced fee (e.g discounted labs). All pricing is transparent, and cost will be made clear prior to providing any non-included good or service.

Typically, the membership fee also includes several sets of ancillary services, such as laboratory and referred tests, healthy lifestyle activities (e.g., yoga, massage, nutrition coaching), as well as negotiated discounts for health care services from other providers.