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Direct Primary Care (DPC)

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a model of healthcare that is an alternative to the traditional fee for service (FFS) and promotes patient centered care. This helps to provide a meaningful alternative to the traditional approach for physicians and their patients, allowing more direct and improved access to care.

DPC promotes high quality care, with the range and bandwidth available to provide the time and attention each patient needs in order to better manage health.  The FFS promotes higher volumes and the need for less time per patient.

“The defining characteristic of a DPC practice is that it offers patients the full range of comprehensive primary care services—including acute and urgent care, regular checkups, preventive care, chronic disease management, and care coordination—in exchange for a flat, recurring membership fee that typically is billed to patients monthly.”

– American Academy of Family Physicians

DPC vs Traditional FFS

Direct Primary Care (DPC)

@ 600 Patient Panel Size

45 Minutes Average Time with Physician

2 People Involved –
Patient and Doctor

Flat fee with
recurring memberships available

Traditional Fee For Service (FFS)

@ 2000-3000 Patient Panel Size

7 Minutes Average Time with Physician

Many People Involved including Patient, Doctor, Insurance Company, etc.

Fees vary and are subject to deductibles, co-insurance and additional out of pocket expenses

The DPC Payment Structure

“This practice allows me to have the bandwidth to practice the type of medicine that I feel everyone deserves. Sickness doesn’t always follow normal business hours.”

– Anna Broadnax, MD

Anna Broadnax, MD

Dr. Anna Broadnax | Broadnax Primary Care | Flower Mound, TexasDr. Anna Broadnax is a board-certified Family Medicine physician providing primary care for patients and families of all ages.

Having grown up in the Dallas area, Dr. Broadnax earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from Bryn Mawr College, Barry University, and Johns Hopkins University. Ultimately, medicine appealed to Dr. Broadnax as a “people person” who thrives on medical research and education. She earned her medical degree at Albany Medical College in Albany, New York then completed her Family Medicine residency at West Suburban Medical Center in Oak Park, Illinois.

Though she enjoys working with patients to meet their general medical needs, Dr. Broadnax also has certain focus areas, including:

  • How mental and physical health interact and impact one another
  • Understanding weight management from a biochemical perspective and, when applicable, fixing underlying hormonal imbalances

Dr. Broadnax recently opened her own practice at Broadnax Primary Care and hopes to provide a new and positive sort of medical experience to her patients outside of the traditional insurance model. Previously, Dr. Broadnax provided medical care at Questcare Medical Clinic in Flower Mound.

Dr. Broadnax wants to move away from the “administrative” reality of the medical field through direct primary care, removing the bureaucracy from the physician-patient relationship. Her goal is to create and maintain meaningful relationships with her patients and build an understanding of the science of what’s happening inside their bodies. Broadnax Primary Care provides Dr. Broadnax with the bandwidth to practice the type of medicine that she feels every patient deserves: spending time to address the patient’s important needs, not feeling rushed, and providing open access to patients.

When she isn’t with a patient, Dr. Broadnax enjoys arts and crafts such as knitting and crocheting, gardening, and exploring with her family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the membership fee cover?2020-08-20T07:11:39-05:00

INCLUDED SERVICES. In exchange for the monthly fee described below, Members shall receive the following services:

      • Annual Wellness visits (in addition to basic annual labwork)
      • Sports and camp physicals
      • Acute care (sick visits such as viral illness, strep throat, urinary infections, sprains, etc)
      • Chronic disease management and associated counseling/prescribing
      • In office screening (strep throat, flu, glucose, urine evaluation, pregnancy tests)
      • Minor laceration repair

NON-INCLUDED SERVICES. The following NON-EXHAUSTIVE list of services ARE NOT covered by the monthly fee, although Broadnax Primary Care members can often obtain them for a substantially reduced cost:

        • X-rays, CT scans, ultrasounds, and medical imaging
        • Outside office blood/ other tests beyond the basic annual physical labwork
        • Any surgery or procedure not performed in this office (e.g. in a hospital or other physician’s office)
        • The cost of immunization drugs
        • Obstetrical care and delivery
        • Durable medical equipment and supplies (e.g. crutches, wheelchairs, walking boots, etc)
        • Prescription medications
        • Injectable and oral medications in office

COST OUTSIDE OF THE SCOPE OF AGREEMENT. Member may be entitled to some of the above non-covered services at a reduced fee (e.g discounted labs). All pricing is transparent, and cost will be made clear prior to providing any non-included good or service.

Typically, the membership fee also includes several sets of ancillary services, such as laboratory and referred tests, healthy lifestyle activities (e.g., yoga, massage, nutrition coaching), as well as negotiated discounts for health care services from other providers.

Is the DPC Membership insurance?2020-07-16T11:15:44-05:00

No, this is not meant to replace insurance. DPC is meant to provide accessible good quality care without long wait times for appointments. Removing the bureaucracy that is involved in medical care, I am able to keep overhead low enabling me to spend as much time as I need with you to achieve good health. Additionally, I can be available through a variety of formats based on your needs in order to achieve optimal medical care.

The best part is having a physician who truly cares and will treat you like I would any member of my family.

Remember you can use your health insurance for lab testing not included with the membership, imaging, medications, specialist visits and hospitalizations

Should I have health insurance coverage?2020-07-16T07:19:20-05:00

Yes.  As a minimum, you should have health insurance to cover catastrophic illness and inpatient care.  Additionally, health insurance can sometimes cover secondary care not specified in the DPC contract.

Is Direct Primary Care the Same as Concierge Medicine?2020-07-16T07:25:45-05:00

No, the two are not synonymous.


  • Monthly membership fees – paid by patients or sometime their employers
  • Patient fees cover extended visits, care coordination, clinical and consultative services, some lab services and comprehensive care management
  • Do not accept insurance or participate in government programs, relying solely on patient fees


  • Annual patient membership contract with higher fees paid annually or monthly
  • Membership fees cover an in-depth annual physical exam and screenings
  • May continue to accept insurance and government programs
  • Continue to bill patient’s insurance company for covered services in addition to membership fee
  • Cater to higher income populations

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